The Science of Sheet Masks

They’re the Korean beauty must-have that have taken the cosmetics community by storm. But what are the real benefits behind the sheet mask? 

Sheet masks are a soothing, therapeutic experience. Put your feet up, your favorite show on, and let the mask do its work. From smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, cleansing pores and balancing your skin tone, to stimulating circulation and rehydrating the skin – there’s virtually no problem a sheet mask can’t target.

Here’s a breakdown of how to spot the perfect sheet mask...

Material matters:

By far the best sheet mask material is bio-cellulose, originally manufactured for medical use so it guarantees premium skin nurturing properties. An all-natural material, bio-cellulose is produced through cultured bacteria and rich with antioxidant, hydrating ingredients like coenzyme Q10 and glycerin. Masks made from bio-cellulose adhere tightly to the skin, so every contour of the face benefits from the application. Butylene Glycol helps the formula to penetrate the skin’s surface, taking its benefits deep into the dermis. Ditch fiber masks that will fall off with minimal movement, and instead get on with your day while the treatment works its magic.

Plant power:

Sheet masks that harness plant power provide the best of biology’s beauty secrets. Key natural ingredients such as rose water and blueberry extract have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, while witch hazel also contains a high level of polyphenols: compounds that can combat the effects of aging. If it’s cutting edge cosmetic technology you’re after, plant stem cells are the secret. By tapping into the immunity-boosting properties of the ginseng plant, our Stem Cell Face Masks help to reduce stress, vulnerability to colds and even give you more energy!

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